Company Information



Business Name: CallStead Online Solutions


Office Addresses: 2nd Floor, JDN Square IT Center, P. Remedio St. Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu,




Primary LOB: Business Processing Outsourcing


Company History:


CallStead Online Solutions is a partner of RLT Tech Solutions which is based in Butuan City in Mindanao, Philippines. The 2 companies joined together to extend its services for clients who want Cebu as their Call Center office destination. Why Cebu? Cebu is a great location when it comes to BPO services as the talent and services are highly sought in the BPO industry.



Company Overview:


Excellence. Integrity. Precision.


Exquisite customer engagement is paramount to business progress. Companies operating at impeccable performance levels need a partner that could reciprocate their execution. CallStead Solutions, with its comprehensive office-based operations, is the preferred ally for businesses with a strong drive towards profitability and prestige. Forged by time-tested, award-winning industry leaders, CallStead aims to deliver nothing less than unparalleled efficiency in the areas of customer care, phone and chat support, data management, helpdesk and tech support, virtual assistance, as well as marketing, content creation, business process outsourcing, programming and development. CallStead also has the capacity to effortlessly adapt to a wide spectrum of functions, considering that its receptive team-players are trained and given feedback real-time. In accordance to the emphasis on exceptional service delivery, CallStead also understands the significance of genuine integrity at every customer touch point. With our highest values integrated into your system, success is inevitable.



Current Campaigns:



  • B2C Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Sales – Ongoing 40+ Agents deployed
  • B2B Lead Generation Sirius XM – Ongoing 20+ Agents deployed
  • B2C Medical Brace (DME) Sales – Ongoing 5 agents with additional 5 sales agents every 2 weeks.




Open Source Technology:



CallStead is proud to partner with the best and highest quality technology and service partners to bring our clients the best in Customer Service, Outsourcing, and IT Support.


  • 600mbps PLDT Fiber line


  • 6 unique/separate 100mbps FIBER lines.


  • 100mbps RISE Fiber line


  • Best Internet in the Philippines and invites you to do any speed tests and has nearly 1Gig of bandwidth.


  • 24/7/365 Backup Generator


  • Avoid any unnecessary service interruptions, ensure SLA are met at all times.


  • Complete VOIP platform


  • Partnered with state of the art – VOIP Platform as a service which caters all our client’s VOIP needs.




Reinvent your business. Let’s talk.




Founder and CEO of CallStead Solutions



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